What people say about us

"Thank you for these groups! They're so amazing. I've learned a lot and feel a lot of support! I was really nervous to be becoming a part of the "mom world" because it seems like everyone is constantly criticizing and judging each other and I was worried to be part of that. But this group is the exact opposite of that and it wouldn't be there without you! So I sincerely thank you for this!!!"
- Meaghan, Victoria, BC Mom

"Expecting baby #1 in August and having a community is incredible!"
- Bri, Victoria, BC Mom

"The community is great, especially for those moms new to the area or those new moms that have suddenly lost their friends!"
- Chau, Victoria, BC Mom

"Feeling very thankful for this group. I feel like there is such minimal, if any, drama here... Thanks for being supportive fellow Mamas, this group is a great place for encouragement, advice and acceptance for Mothers with varying belief systems + ways of life."
- Heather, Victoria, BC Mom

"I tell all the new moms about this group too as I have learned more from you moms than I have from my doctor, hospital nurses, public health nurse, the books I read and the prenatal class all together! It really makes me feel more 'normal'! Thanks ladies!"
- Slav, Victoria, BC Mom

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