Anonymous Posting for Moms: Facebook Groups + Pages

Often moms have personal questions we need and want to ask in our trusted Facebook groups, but due to the sensitive nature of the question we avoid posting. Sometimes we just need a little anonymity to help remind us that we are not alone.

To get started with anonymous posting for your group

  1. Submit your your community name and link
  2. Your group will be added to the Mommble dropdown and
  3. Mommble team member will be in touch to get your started with letting your community know they now have access to anonymous posting for your group
  4. Voila! You now have anonymous posting for your mom group!

    A couple caveats

    • this posting tool is only available for moms, so only moms will be verified for posts, comments and upvotes (all others remain in preview-mode)
    • all comments on Mommble are expected to be constructive and kind, those that aren't will be deleted

    Who Can See What?

    Mommble is a community for moms, so only moms are verified for posts, comments and upvotes. That said, the internet is a public space. Everything posted to the internet lives online forever so members are expected to be aware of that when they post, anonymous or otherwise. Members are responsible for what they share and members are expected to manage themselves in a way that is safe, based in respect and focused on our mutual goal of providing a supportive environment for our fellow moms.

    Three views: Non-verified viewer, Verified member, Admin

    Non-verified Viewer (i.e. your employee who identifies as male, partner who identifies as male, your unverified mother-in-law)

    • Non-verified can see questions and comments but cannot see profile pictures

    Verified Member (i.e. all moms including your mother-in-law, your psychiatrist who is also a mom, your boss who is also a mom)

    • Verified members can see profile pictures on non-anonymous comments