Welcome to Mommble

Mommble is a safe, non-judgemental social community for moms and moms-to-be. We are dedicated to fabulous moms supporting each other in this epic and sometimes roller coaster-like journey called Motherhood. We commiserate, we joke, we freak out, we comfort, we share, we educate… in short, this is our Village. Our safe place. Sometimes we share difficult information and views everyone might not agree with, but our discussions are free of shaming- no mud slinging here!

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A Note on This (Important!) Supportive Motherhood Thing

The message of supportive motherhood does not mean that moms should always agree with each other and need to avoid dissenting opinions. That would be impossible (not to mention dangerous).

There are as many ways to parent as there are parents out there and there is a lot of good knowledge and experience that needs to be shared. I am a huge advocate for compassionate, civil and constructive conversations; we should absolutely disagree. AND we need to continue to explore how to keep our conversations constructive.

I think we all stand to learn the most when we are willing to put our questions and our facts on the table. We need to be willing to put ourselves out there with our questions, and we need to be willing to put ourselves out there with what we know. Sometimes we will be wrong and sometimes we will be disagreed with, but in order to get to a better and stronger place - in order to make our community a stronger and more helpful space - we must be willing to take that chance.

Feeling safe enough to share and ask and learn is what I see supportive motherhood standing for. That often calls for being especially compassionate in our queries and our answers. It also means remembering that even when we make different parenting choices, more often than not we have what is most important in common: Our incredible and insatiable love for our amazing kids.

Keep up the great work moms!

Shauna Stewart Douglas,
Founder & CEO


Our first online mom community started back in 2012. We wrote the name of the group on little pieces of paper and handed it out to women holding adorable, squishy babies… and voila! A whole gaggle of bleary eyed women to chat with at 2 o’clock in the morning was at our fingertips!

  • Present: Mommble community launches!
  • 2016: We keep growing!
  • 2015: Upworthy profiles "No More Mommy Wars" photo project, we all freak out because... UPWORTHY!
  • 2014: We grow and grow and grow!
  • 2013: Launch MomsUnitingMoms.com and "No More Mommy Wars" photo project
  • May 2012: Launch first online mom group for moms in Victoria, BC, Canada
  • April 2012: My daughter is born. I learn that motherhood is HARD (for the love of PETE, so hard)... I start to reach out and look for my “Village” in avid desperation...

The Logo

The “o” in Mommble represents the many circles in our lives: Kids, family, work, friends, spirituality, self… and how they all come together in a messy but beautiful way. I love it! Do you love it? I hope you love it!

About Shauna

After my daughter born I think I was in shock. I was in love and I was in awe and I was grateful… and I was in shock.


Emotionally and physically I was the equivalent of numb-bitten scraped skin not yet healed over. I was exhausted to the point of confusion. Nursing made me clamp my eyes shut in protest. My neck muscles howled. I was permanently bracing for the cry that was going to come any second and jolt through me like lightening.

Getting out and visiting with Adult Human Being People was the LAST thing I felt like doing. I knew I should… but I certainly didn’t feel like it. I finally made it out to a mom and babe class and felt infinitely better. I was still shell shocked, but being in the presence of other women who were also groggy and sore bolstered my confidence.

Now I was hooked on being with and hearing from other moms and I wanted more than an hour a week of this amazingness! I started a little online mom group and soon it grew. We were supportive and kind to one another and our commitment to non-judgment attracted like-minded moms. Those moms invited their friends and family and they in turn invited more awesome women. And we grew. And grew! Moms were asking me to expand the community and soon we outgrew our forum... and landed here.

This our new home. I hope you like Mommble. I hope you love it and you love it as much as I do! I hope it feels like home.

Shauna Stewart Douglas,
Founder & CEO